Top Gear Aussie Series 2 Eps 5

Another pass mark for TGA this week.



The main challenge, making an armoured car, did have as many holes in it as the cars by segment end. But it was what it was—a harmless bit of fun. The hosts are interacting better and the show continues to improve.

Steve’s piece on the two Elfins was pretty good value, although he does scream a bit doesn’t he. The production crew deserve yet another mention here, their camera angles and post-production techniques hit the mark perfectly once more. To the cars themselves, there’s no doubt the aural V8 symphony from the Streamliner MS8 is the better sound, but I’d be taking the turbo four powered T5 package every time. It just looks like a proper club racer. Mike Simcoe got the looks of the Monaro right in the late 90s, but his Elfin Streamliner isn’t such a success. Both cars set reasonable times on the track, too, with the T5 being the quickest.

HG Nelson was this week’s guest and he made sure his time on Top Gear Australia was memorable by  being the first celeb to barf up while putting the Bog Standard Car through its paces. Fortunately we didn’t see any vision of the HG heave.


~ by Rud3Boy89 on June 10, 2009.

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