Top Gear Australia Season 2 eps 4

Top Gear austalia

There seems to be a pattern forming here. This was,

generally speaking, another very good episode from the TGA lads. More importantly, the hosts are improving. They still have a way to go if their aim is to match the UK masters, but their progression is evident.

Opening the show with a supercar shopping trolley segment is always going to win points with me. And the Audi RS 6 v HSV Sportwagon R8 was plenty entertaining. Steve, I agree the RS 6 sounds too quiet inside the cabin, but, outside, it sounds fantastic! The two tonne Audi also set a cracking lap time around the test track.

Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones was the guest and she also posted a pretty handy lap time. Pleasingly, Warren is getting better at this gig too. You got the feeling that Jones was at ease and she looked comfortable throughout. Well done to Warren as his first interview this series with Mark Skaife was pretty hard to watch.

Other highlights from tonight’s show included Steve teaching James’ dad to drift a Falcon XR8 ute. Steve then tried his hand at drifting a stretch limo— Chrysler 300C style—before having a go in a Mr Whippy van. Unsurprisingly, both were poor drift tools, but the racing truck was more than capable of hanging its arse out.

The weakest link of the episode was the final segment—Warren’s review of the Kia Soul. His delivery was okay. The production values were okay, too. But not giving a definite opinion, or providing a meaningful conclusion just made the whole piece completely worthless.

The last two episodes, though, have shown that Top Gear Australia is marching onwards and upwards. Long may they continue.

Top Gear time Lap


Top Gear Australia Guest


~ by Rud3Boy89 on June 2, 2009.

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