Sulayem Crash



Vice-president of FIA,

Mohammed bin Sulayem, escaped a high-speed crash while testing the Renault R28 here at the Dubai Autodrome on Thursday. The 14-time Middle East Rally champion lost control of the car, which veered off the track and rammed into the pit wall, badly damaging it.The medical car rushed to the spot and Sulayem was helped out of the car and taken to the Autodrome’s Medical Centre for a routine check-up.Renault officials confirmed that Sulayem was safe without any injuries. The car has been taken for repair and will be ready for the Renault Roadshow scheduled for Friday at Burj Dubai Downtown. 

Sulayem had to wait for a while to try his hands on the Formula One car till the afternoon after the F1 car faced some technical snag earlier in the morning.Sulayem was supposed to try the F1 car in two drag races — one with super cars and the other against two powerful Renault Megane Trophy cars with Renault F1 team drivers, Julien Piguet and Nicolas Navarro.


~ by Rud3Boy89 on April 12, 2009.

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