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F1 2009

F1 2009

Events in Europe could reshape the Formula One championship before teams egroup in China next week.

The focus is on the governing international Automobile Federation (FIA) and an apeal court hearing scheduled for paris on April 14 that will make a definitive ruling on the sport’s diffuser controversy. If the four protesting teams–BMW-Sauber,Ferrari,Red Bull and Renault succeed in overturning stewards’ decisions from Australia and Malaysia, then pace-setting Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams will be reined in. If the independent court agrees with six stewards that the cars are legal, then expect Jenson Button to countinue winning with topsy-turvy looking stating grids and results.

Rivals are already covering their bets, rushing to complete their own versions of the double-decker rear diffuser that they believe to be illegal but that has brought Brawn;s Button two wins from two races. “Two of the three teams with a two-stage diffuser are clearly quicker,”said BMW team boss.”Brawn as number one and then Toyota.”Everybody(is working on their own version),”he added.”We cannot sit back and wait until the court of appeal is held and we have a decision. We have to work on it and we are spending money on it.”The sooner it is sorted out the better. But you cannot expect to make up for such a big within a few weeks. And it is clear that the teams that have it already are developing their cars as well.” The Paris-based FIA, and its president Max Mosley, are also weighing up futher action against Mclaren for “delibertly misleading” race stewards in Australia. The team have already been excluded from the race classification of the Melbourne season opener


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