Team Bosses Say…………….


Malayasia Grand Prix

Malayasia Grand Prix


Formula One team bosses say the sports is stuck with later rulings,

despite that fact it leaves fans uncertain about the true results of races. The protest and inquiries into the outcome of last weekend’s Australian GP have rumbeled on all week,and will be subjected to a further FIA court of appeal hearing on april 14. it is just the latest example of an increasingly common tendency in F1 for the results to be changed long after the checkered flag falls,due to variousprotests and technical infringements.”it is always a bit unfortunatewhen fans go away and there’s still debate going about decisions, and I wish it were from a race that was black and white, but it’s a very complicated sport,particularly when you start to move into the technical side,”Brawn GP owner and team principal Ross Bawn said.

The final result of last weekend’s Austraslian Grand Prix remains up in the air, pending remains up in the air,pending an appeal on april 14 over the diffuser design of race winner Brawn GP, as well as those of williams and toyota. The results were adjusted again this week, when stewards reopened an inqury into the australian GP. Toyota’s jarno Trulli was reinstated to third place and mclaren’s Lewis Hamilton disqualified for misleading stewards in an inquiry.


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