Be careful ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

New Radar

New Radar

these are not nicer looking radar cameras –

they are a lot more lethal, so be careful.

first thing is that these cameras do not flash. they can take photos in complete darkness through ultra-light sensors, so even if it does not flash, it could have caught you. they also automatically read number plate from the picture taken.

now, comes the thing that catches most people. these cameras are continuous photo taking cameras and they will take photo regardless if you have been speeding or not. then the next camera in 3-5 kms again does the same. now instead of cheacking your speed through avanced radars, these cameras are very simple and al they do is calculate how fast you travelled between the 2 cameras. if you arrived at the next camera faster than 120 km/h ( or whatever the speed limit is) then you get fined.

What does this mean?

it means that you can stop speeding up between cameras and slowing down as it does not matter anymore. if you are speeding in between 2 cameras you will get fined, because i have many times so heads up and dont even fall for no flashing cameras because some take photos without flashing as i mentioned above.

these cameras not only take the photo of your number it takes a photo of the person drivng, th ehole front of the car and the lanes.


~ by Rud3Boy89 on January 31, 2009.

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