Laping over JDMs

LAP 57

Well regardless that i am a car freak

this blogging thing is first time for me, at the moment i don’t have any team members but soon will have some crazy stuff going on here, plus i am not good at writing but will get hang of it no worries.

Well now what i am looking at in this pic is a Garage, Lap 57 now what these guys do is just tune and modify Japanese cars not any Japanese cars they specialize in JDM tuners. From impreza to Lancer EVO, from skyline’s to supra’s. but when i went in the garage i also spotted couple of drag racing Honda and rallying lancer EVO.

And guess Lap 57 guys can also get tuning parts like engines, turbos, performance accessories, rims etc and if they don’t have anything you need for a Japanese these guys can get stuff imported from japan and USA.

So you giving them your ride is the best thing you gonna do for your Japanese wheels, So just go to Sharjah and check these guys out.



Drag Party!!!!!!!!!!!

Drag Party!!!!!!!!!!!

RB-26 a beast like engine>>>>Twin Turbo>>>>GT-R

RB-26 a beast like engine>>>>Twin Turbo>>>>GT-R

Lap 57 at the moment is a small scale garage but they are increasing the size of there garage in couple of months, for more info just contact them or go to the garage personally.

LAP 57
Tel: +971 6 5300979
Sharjah, UAE


~ by Rud3Boy89 on January 26, 2009.

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